It's now personal with the "Frenchies"

I'm a generally competitive person. I'm pretty sure it's genetic. I also have a lot of pride for our lovely country of the USA. It's like being on the biggest team in the world who also happens to ROCK at everything. :) I live for the Olympics. For those of you who know, in the Men's 4x100m relay (swimming, not track) the French captain said (and I quote) "The Americans? We're going to smash them. It's what we came for." I'll be honest, when I saw that it was like he said it to me. I got all pseudo black with a "o no he didn't!" So, needless to say, I stayed and watched the Olympics for another 2 hours waiting for the race. The race was quite possibly the most exciting thing I've ever seen just because of the smack talk going on with the athletes. (It even topped the women's 400m freestyle which involved the girl in lane 5 dating the girl in lane 8's ex boyfriend who also happened to post naughty photos of her on the internet. Neither of the girls medaled...I highly suspect it had to do with the drama cause they both took off way too fast for a 400m race) Either way, the smack talk made everything intense. but hey hey! WE WON!!! Eat that Frenchies! We shattered the world record by 4 whole seconds, and beat the French team by .08 of a second. :) hey-.08 seconds faster is still faster. I've never seen a man scream like Michael Phelps did. It was AWESOME. Let's hear it for the true red white & blue. Man I love the Olympics.

(I will also now be cheering for the USA and whoever's against maturity astounds me)

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