One step closer to being an actual blogger. :)

So, it's always been my belief that no one wants to read about your life unless you're married. If you'll look, most people who blog are married. Well, I have taken one CRUCIAL step toward becoming a legit blogger.

No, ladies and gentlemen, I'm not getting married (yet.)

But i, Kristin McGuire, have managed to conquer my commitment issues and choose just one male suitor for a while. This came as quite the shock to my relatives who were quite "supportive" offering comments such as, "Wow Kristin, I thought you were more the 'love him and leave him' type" and "He's not a loser is he?" and "just one? you're dating just one guy?!" I don't think it's all that weird. He's fantastic. :)
Meet Cameron Call. My #1. :)

I know, cheesy with the whole "he's still wearing his missionary tag" thing, but this picture makes my knees go weak and a huge grin come across my face every time I see it. heavens. To cover the basics, he turns 22 in August, served his mission in Tennesse and is 6'5''. He plays the piano incredibly well, played football and ran track in high school.

For those of you who don't know the story... Cameron and I met at EFY. We were both counselors in Flagstaff, AZ this summer for a couple of weeks. He thought I was pretty cute, I could barely keep my jaw off the floor when he walked into the room...y'know-healthy attraction. Well, he asked me to teach a lesson with him on Friday, so naturally we have to prepare for it. :) By Saturday, I was pretty bummed out that he was going home to Queen Creek (No comments from the family...I KNOW it's Queen Creek. I've weighed what's at stake though, and I'm pretty sure I can get over my abhorrence for the place...eventually....with counseling.) Cameron left for the weekend, and I didn't really hear from him the whole time. When he came back Sunday night, though, he was awful happy to see me. :) From then on, we were pretty inseperable. Our EFY kids had a blast flirting for us the next week, and the stairwell became our favorite rendezvous after lights out.

The next weekend, he took me out to High School Musical on Broadway down at Gammage Theatre in Mesa. Sunday we went to the temple and saw the reflections of Christ exhibit. (which by the way is AMAZING)

I'm headed down to Phoenix to spend my birthday with him. (as his birthday is the day after mine, it's incredibly convenient :)) We're currently trying to outdo each other with our birthday presents for each other. All I have to say is he doesn't stand a chance. :)

We'll drive back up to Provo to start up school again at BYU together. and it's only 20 days 2 hours 38 minutes until my flight lands!!! (not that I'm counting or anything.)

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