a little bit of catching up to do...

so...my brilliant sister figured out how to get all these pictures back from my "corrupted" memory card. Welcome to the most incredible birthday weekend I've ever experienced. (psyche up...this is going to be a long one :))

I surprised Cam for his birthday by coming down to phoenix to see him a day early. I sent him on a scavenger hunt that led him through some personally significant places. :) The last clue led him to his car and there it just said, "call me." At this point, I had changed my voicemail message to say... "Hey Cam! I can't come to the phone right now cause I'm on a plane....on my way to Phoenix...My flight comes in at 8:53. Hope you can come get me."

Personally, I think that's pretty clear as to what's happening. However, the scavenger hunt didn't really go as smoothly as I planned cause Cam's so dang trusting. :)

Me and his younger sister Amber have the same birthday, so when I called him to start off the scavenger hunt they were having a little family party for her. His whole family was in on what was happening, but when I called him to start the scavenger hunt he said, "Kristin-I can't do it right now. My parents are going to be upset." In my head it's more of a "O MY GOSH CAM OPEN THE ENVELOPE I'M ALMOST TO THE AIRPORT!" ha. So I convince him to open the first envelope and I find out later that his parents had to force him to do the scavenger hunt right then. He was going to wait until after the party...at which point I'd be waiting at the airport for....a long time. :) Also, when he got to the last clue-he didn't put it together that I was coming right then. I had told him so many times I was going to be there on Thursday that he just assumed I was confused or something. Nope-definitely not confused. worried maybe, but not confused. :) Either way, his family came through for me and I wasn't stranded at the airport. :) The previous post has pictures from the airport. :)

We got in the car to go to his house, but instead he drives to my friend Vanessa's. He tells me to wait outside, and Vanessa comes out to talk to me. I walk in and this is what I see. :)

Cameron had re-written the words to the song "fall for you" and arranged a new version of it on the piano. He played and sang it to me. As if that wasn't enough... he handed me a package. Inside-he had written out the words and the sheet music for it and put pictures of us/me all over it. :) when I opened it up, a parking pass for "Wicked" fell out. We were going to see Wicked Friday night in LA! The man blew me away. :) We finished the night with birthday cake and some time with his fam. :)

The next day, Cameron picked me up from Vanessa's to go to the lake with his dad and the older kids. It was so fun to be able to stay out there as long as we wanted without worrying about babies getting sunburned or hungry or tired. :) It was great to be around his dad. We had a good time talking, eating, and wakeboarding.

The next day we woke up at 4:30 to head to CA. :) The drive was hilarious. We stopped at a grocery store near the border to grab breakfast stuff. Bagels and strawberry cream cheese.

I don't think I've ever laughed so hard as when I saw Cam get all excited over the windmills about an hour outside of LA. He was so happy to see them all.

When we arrived in CA, we headed straight for the beach. Spent some time on the pier, went body boarding, ate ice cream, & played in the sand. It was great! (For those of you who don't know, my family has a hard time with the beach. My mother always wants to go, but whenever we go it's freezing or windy or that stretch of water has been closed due to toxic wastes...or any combination of the 3. I've never really thought fondly of the beach. :) I do now!)

Erik came down from Fresno to spend some time with Vanessa this weekend too. It was so fun to have good friends to hang out with. They make a cute couple huh? :)

After the beach we headed back to the hotel to get ready for Wicked. :) He took me to this beautiful italian restaurant beforehand where we had some amazing lasagna and ravioli. :) mmm.

The theatre was beautiful and the show seriously blew my mind. Glinda was hilarious and the music was absolutely amazing. (I feel like I'm using way too many superlatives...o well. It was intense)

After the show we went back down to the Santa Monica pier and rode the ferris wheel. It was beautiful-right over the ocean. Cam was stressed out of his mind because the ride was about to close. ha. We made it. :)

We walked down the beach for a while afterward and had some fun at Beach House no. 18. :) He's quite the romantic. I love that I'm the only one that sees it most of the time though. :) It was a beautiful night and the best part was- that was only the first night of the vacation! :)

The next day we went to Denny's for the traditional pre-6FM2 breakfast and took off for the park. The day was long but so much fun. :) I love screaming my head off. Goliath freaks me out in such a major way...I think it's the lift hill. Once you clear the first level of clouds though, it's hard to see the ground... yeah. whatever. Cam decided he was going to hold my hand up in the air on the way down. Brilliant. It's a good thing he's so dang attractive, otherwise I'd be a bit miffed. :) jk

That night we went to stay at a mutual friend's house, Kathryn. She's quite possibly the most beautiful girl I know. It was so nice to have a nice bed to sleep in and a real church building to go to in the morning.

When we got back to Phoenix, Cam was really excited to see his family. His family is really affectionate. They kiss each other on the cheek all the time still. He kisses his mom on the lips before leaving for bed. I adore it. However, when we got back from CA, Cameron had forgotten how to kiss his mom...he walked right up to her and REALLY KISSED HER! :) hahahaha. She was a bit shocked to say the least and kind of pushed him away with a, "had a good weekend?"

We left early the next morning for Utah.

Honestly-I'm crazy about him. I'm definitely spoiled. It was incredible. :)

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