I've got news... :)

There is a lovely ring on this finger from a gorgeous young man named Cameron Call. :)

For those of you who don't know the story.... :)

Cameron started bombarding me with questions on Monday. He asked me about the details of my schedule for the rest of the week. He asked me who worked with me when. He asked if I needed to take a break from work could I and when. etc. So when I got a text from him that said I should hurry home from class on Wednesday, I started to think something was up. When I got home, he was all dressed up and had a beautiful dinner ready for me in my kitchen. We ate and went to this dance performance on campus. Then he said goodnight and went home. I was a little confused. ha. :) Thursday morning at around 7 am, my roommate Heather tells me to wake up and that she has to give me something. She hands me an envelope and the pig from the feltboard story me and Cam made together at EFY. Inside is a 4 stanza poem from Cameron telling me to go up to the Y. He also said that I had until 7:30...right. When I got there I couldn't see anyone. I started to think he was going to make me hike it, but his sister drove up and had a gerber daisy and my next clue. This clue said I had to wait until 2pm for the next one! I had a solid 6 hour wait until I knew where I was going next. :( at 2, i met up with my roommate from over the summer, Ashley. (Her daisy fell out of the bag while she was biking to the country dancing place, and was run over by a car...she picked a rose off a nearby bush to get the same effect. lol) She gave me another poem from Cam that told me to wait until 6:30 to go see Lindsay at Gurus. (by the way if you haven't had their breakfasts....go tomorrow. not kidding. :) it's on Center.) When I walked into the restaurant, I told Lindsay I wasn't this patient of a person and that he was making me wait at least 4 hours in between clues. It was killing me! She laughed and just said, gear up babe. You'd better find some more patience somewhere. Awesome. Her clue told me I had to wait until 8:30 THE NEXT MORNING! I went home and paced around my apartment for an hour before I had to go to a volleyball game. :) hahaha. We won. :) I couldn't really think about anything else, so I watched CSI for a couple hours and just went to bed. Friday morning, I woke up and got all ready to go get my next clue, which said he'd come pick me up at 4:30 and that I needed to dress nice. :) yay. Work about killed me. I got off at 3:30 and raced home to look normal. :) at 4:30 my roommate called me downstairs. I thought, "no way. he's not coming to get me. what the heck?!" but she just blindfolded me and I heard Cam come through the front door. He led me to his car and we drove for about an hour. He had me get out of the car and take off my shoes. We walked (still blindfolded) across this field. He stopped me and turned me around. gave me a hug. and took off the blindfold. I was standing next to a picnic with candles, roses, music, chinese food, wine glasses, and the most handsome young man I have ever seen. :) He gave me my last poem/clue, recited it to me and got down on one knee. :) We celebrated with dinner, and the mormon tabernacle choir concert which featured a 30s and 40s love song medley. :) all jazzed out. it was classy. :) After walking around temple square for a bit, we stopped at a grocery store and bought and ate an entire carton of chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream right out of the container and set off to tell everybody. :) He's amazing. :) I am so blessed! The date is January 3rd in the Mesa Temple.

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