down in flames....

My mother and sisters refer to going "down in flames" as when you've found someone you want to be with for the rest of your life and you don't care or think about much else. This may be true...but I had a bit of a rough morning this morning and it wasn't directly related to the love of Cameron. (though now that I think about was kind of the motivation for this whole mess)

So...Cameron told his Mission President that I make a pretty good apple pie, (this is true...tho I've only ever made it like twice...under complete supervision of my mother, and never during school/midterms/work/planning a wedding.) Well, it's conference weekend and there are mission reunions in abundance. It's time for me to earn my stripes. Thus, Cam and I went to the Sunflower Market last night (which, by the way, is amazing and inexpensive. If you haven't been there yet, stop reading and to get apples for the pie. We also spent the rest of the night hanging out with his family so I didn't have time to prep the apples at all. (not a huge problem, i didn't really want them to turn brown overnight anyway...but we were up late nonetheless.) I decided to wake up at 7 to make the pie, cause we're leaving for the reunion right after work today...I also had a class meeting at 9 to get to and it's kind of important that I don't look like a frump today.

The alarm went off at 7...and 7:20...and I got up at 7:45. :) awesome. I lept into the kitchen and started peeling, coring, and slicing the apples. I made the crust, the filling and the topping and realized I could not find the pie pan ANYWHERE. Cam saved the day and brought one over after I had absolutely torn apart the kitchen...twice. The topping is this happy streusel crumble cinnamon goodness that you can toast beforehand to give it a nice golden color on top of your pie...I spread the topping on a cookie sheet and put it in the oven to toast while I cut the crust and shaped the edges... I kind of forgot about it, and you're really supposed to watch it or it burns...

I remembered quite suddenly, flung the oven door open and FLAMES CAME OUT. oh my heck. I was flipping out. Not only was I still wet haired and non-makeupped with a meeting starting in 10 minutes, but there were flames licking my oven. I was stuck in that "my-feet-won't-even-move-I-have-no-idea-what-to-do." Cameron just sat there kind of in shock and secretly I think he enjoyed seeing all this... I grabbed an oven mit and ran outside waving this charred, molten sugared cookie sheet around. I think I shocked the neighbors some... lol...poor girl. The flames went out pretty quick, but I think the cookie sheet is beyond repair...

Either way, I made a new batch of the topping and didn't toast it...I let the pie bake while I went to my meeting and left a touch early to get it out in time. I made it home with 17 seconds left on the timer. :) and on top of that I was on time for class. The pie is pretty good looking if I might say so myself...though the topping isn't as dark as it probably should be... I'm just grateful it's not on fire. :)

Bring on the Mission President. Bring on the old companions.
I can handle a flaming kitchen. I can handle just about anything.
And I might even eat a slice of pie.

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