I'm marrying a Jedi-

Last night me and Cam went for a walk after homework. We stopped and he just held me for a bit. We were both just happy to not be around people anymore. I looked up at him and told him to make a fishface, just because I know he can't do it. :) He tried though. It looked hilarious. I told him he looked like Jar Jar Binx...or Sebulba. When he heard me say "Sebulba" this incomprehensible joy spread across his face and he just said, "oh!" and kissed me. lol I was laughing so hard, I couldn't even kiss him back.

Cam's a bit of a Star Wars fanatic...I've only seen episode 1 once or twice. He was so thrilled that I even knew who Sebulba was. It absolutely made his night. He was GIDDY! "Kristin! I never thought I'd hear that come out of your mouth!"

yep-sign me up for the fiancee of the year award. :)

And for those of you who have little faith in me-I do too know who Sebulba is. He's the guy that Anakin pod races against.

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