if you like it put a ring on it!

I've always been annoyed with married people that fall off the face of the planet when as soon as they tie the knot. It's like they never even were. No one knows where they went. They just cease to exist to the rest of the world. And then their friends sit around scratching their heads wondering exactly what happened. So-->here's my attempt at not falling of the earth! We got married about a week and a half ago. (pictures up asap) Me and Cam have had a blast the past 2 weeks getting moved in and adjusting to the whole married and school thing. It's pretty fun. We went on a cruise to Mexico for our honeymoon (pictures will be up soon for that too) and came back to find out our car full of wedding presents has been broken in to. *sweet* We're working on insurance claims and police reports as of late. We've taken multiple trips to ikea setting up our little place (pictures for that will be up soon as well). School's been going well for both of us. We're in a great ward. We are actually speaking this Sunday, and making friends who are in the newlywed situation too really helps. :) Finding time for each other is a little more difficult than it was on that beautiful cruise ship, but we're figuring out the balance.

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