SKOOKIE! we tried to account for everything that was stolen over our honeymoon, I had come to terms with the fact that my laptop and all my design work was gone. However, to make us feel better after a long day of buying back our wedding presents, we decided we'd come home and make skookie's. A wave of terror swept over the car as we realized those darn bandits had sure as hollerin' stolen our skookie pans! I could understand a laptop, but skookie pans? The only people who would ever steal someone else's skookie pans was someone who was intent on making that person absolutely miserable. I think all told it was only 5 minutes after realizing the skookie pans were gone that I was buying a new set at Bed Bath and Beyond with the last of our gift card money. We weren't going home until we had them. After that we were too tired to make cookie dough and just went to bed. I don't know why we hadn't used them yet. It's like we were saving them for something special. Well, today was special, i suppose. It was Tuesday. :) Tuesdays can be special. Today was also "not too cold, not too hot, all you need is a light jacket!" So today was Skookie Day!
Let's recap-in pictures. :)

Step one: Resee's chocolate peanut butter cookie dough and dreyer's cookie dough ice cream.

Step two: (not kidding...less than a minute later)

Step three: <3

There you have it. $24.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond. I highly, HIGHLY recommend the gooey, chocolatey, happiness. :) mmm. (THANKS ADAM AND EMILEE!!!)

Note: Lindsay and Jessica. Any stabs at the phrase "sure as hollerin'" will not be tolerated. -Kandi

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