Bring the Heat!

Things I've been meaning to blog about but haven't. :)
1. We hiked the Y at dusk the day we both finished finals and watched an episode of Lost at the top. It really doesn't get much better than that.

2. I started my internship at Gardner Village. It's freaking fantastic. My first day I was supposed to get to know the shops a little bit better, so I spent 3 hours shopping in the cutest shops ever. My family came up and my mom and I got some unrushed time up at the Village. It was a BLAST. My mom and I really are the best of friends and we don't get to see each other near often enough. [love you!]

3. My mom [funded by my dad] surprised me with a sewing machine! I've had my mom's serger for the past month to piece together this quilt I've had cut and couldn't thread the stupid thing without bursting into tears. I needed something with ONE spool of thread and ONE needle. Cameron patiently tried to fix the serger mid-meltdown, but I put the cover over it, unplugged it, and set it on the floor. The new machine was very well received. I've started piecing my quilt. Here's block #1. :)

4. Cameron has had an extremely eventful week with job interviews. He applied for a doctor's assistant position at a local chiropractor [yay!] and had his second interview today. [The first interview consisted of surveying 10 random people he found at the mall. He was the first applicant to return with the 10 surveys completed. woot!] We find out tomorrow what the verdict is. He's brilliant. :) I love it.

5. I'm on puzzle set 37 of 100 in my Sudoku book. :)

6. We're officially caught up on lost.

7. We recently brought the keyboard out of storage and into the apartment. Not that there's room for it [it's currently blocking the sliding glass door...] but Cameron plays beautifully, and it makes me wonder why we ever put it in storage in the first place.

8. We finished decorating our apartment last weekend [pictures are coming!] and decided we absolutely cannot put another picture of ourselves on the wall. Heavens. It's overwhelming, and after a while, we're just really not that good looking.

9. Spring term classes started today!

10. Cam's playing the keyboard in his G's. guess it's time for bed. lol. :)

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