This Easter ended up being much MUCH better than I had anticipated. Lindsay and Mackay surprised us by coming back to Provo for the weekend. We miss them a whole bunch and it was great to have family for the holiday. We went up to Salt Lake for Mackay's family Easter party. Even the adults had an "Easter Egg Hunt" Well, sort of.

What happened was we blindfolded all the husbands and the wives lined up on the porch. Bags of candy with each couples' names on them were all over the front yard. The way it worked was the wife had to yell directions (lovingly) to their husbands who would retrieve a bag and bring it back so they could see if it was their bag. It was hilarious, and I couldn't hear myself above all those Moore women! (which is a feat...I'm pretty loud)

Here's Mackay and Cam preparing for battle. Go Team!

And we found our bag of candy. :)

Sunday we went to an amazing sacrament meeting and headed up to Salt Lake again to spend Easter dinner with Emilee, Adam and Kiara. I was SO excited to see Elisha and Baylee! (They've recently decided to like me. It's wonderful.) I also managed to finally figure out how to make my apple pie again! Adam was most pleased. :)

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