The Final Countdown

Something I absolutely love about scrapbooking is that pictures aren't necessary all the time. If there's a story to tell, tell it!

Text Reads-
Attention: This is Cameron speaking, and it will probably be the only blog post I will ever write.

So. Finals week has taken its toll on the Call family. Our mental and emotional stability is questionable. After a long Friday of finals and studying all through the night, we awoke this morning and were on campus by 8 am. We got home tonight around 7 and were just exhausted. We realized it was April 18, the day we used to think we'd get married on............obviously, that idea didn't work out too well! (We decided to get married January 2 instead) To celebrate our almost-got-married-today anniversary, we made hamburgers with taco bell hot sauce and had a barbecue on a new grill we found on Craig's List. The dinner was fantastic. We made homemade french fries in the oven, fruit salad, and frozen lemonade in our magic bullet. It was a great relaxation meal to calm someone down during finals week at BYU.

We went on a walk to the Provo library thinking it was open till 9 only to arrive and see that it closes on 6 on Saturdays. Then, we realized we are teaching Sunday School tomorrow and needed to prepare a lesson. We got home, sat down, and began to conjure up some ideas to incorporate into our lesson on the gathering of Israel. As I sat there on the couch discussing my ideas to Kristin, I noticed she wasn't contributing as much as she normally does. While I was looking up scriptures and reading them out loud Kristin stops me mid-verse and in all seriousness asks, "Cameron, what would you do if we were being chased by an axe murderer?" I was extremely confused at her question. I looked at her waiting for an explanation, and she added, "If an axe murderer broke through the wall would you run behind me or in front of me?" I calmly ensured her that I would run behind her and fight off the axe murderer who broke through our living room wall. She then wanted to discuss other options of perhaps running side by side holding hands, jumping off the balcony and escaping in car, or running out the front door locking the axe murder inside. So, as you can tell, our Sunday School lesson was coming together very nicely.

Kristin had started to make a batch of bread while we were waiting for the hamburgers to cook. By the time the bread was finished rising and the oven was preheated we were finished with our discussion on what to do if an axe murderer breaks through our wall in the middle of the night. After placing the bread in the oven, Kristin sits down, appearing to be her normal self. We continue our lesson planning, and suddenly Kristin says, "How would you feel if we named one of our sons Bredder? Like bread, but Bredder." I was a bit shocked, and refused to even consider it (apologies if some who read this have children with that name). We laughed and I tried to keep us focused on the task of making a lesson. And then out of nowhere, Kristin asks me if I know what her favorite scene in Harry Potter is. I didn't. (Good thing they don't ask that on the newlywed game) She responded, "It's the Christmas scene. The snow is just magical!" Seriously?? I was getting so annoyed. But it was so hilarious! We had been on the couch for nearly an hour, and from my poing of view, all that was accomplished was a plan to fight off an axe murderer, crossing off a name NOT to give to a future child, and I learned something new about my wife. While I was laughing uncontrollably, Kristin began to get offended and said sarcastically she would "thunk" me on the head if I didn't stop. I couldn't respond because we were both laughing so hard and I typed on the laptop we were using that if she thunked me I wouldn't run beside her if we were being chased by an axe murderer. It was pretty funny. We both lost it. Then the beep on the oven went off to tell us bread would be done in one minute. We gained composure and listened to "The Final Countdown" by Europe. The buzzer went off, and we enjoyed a few slices of warm bread, when we finally decided there is only so much you can do during finals week. We gave up and will finish our lesson in the morning. The end. `

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