the game plan

At this point in my life I have a lot of “options.” There are lots of pros and cons to the different potential routes and I’m proud to say I have made a decision!

My plan a few days ago was to take my time, enjoy being in school with Cam, work at the job I currently have for as long as I could because of its “cushy” nature (location, pay, people, etc.) I was content to do this because doing an internship, a full load of classes, and another 2 jobs on top of that for the summer just doesn’t sound very fun. It also isn’t humanly possible. Believe me. I checked.

My plan before that was to do the humanly impossible, and finish in December. That plan lasted until I mapped out my schedule for the summer and realized that working 40 hours a week and taking the equivalent of 18 credit hours in a single term just wasn’t going to happen. I got tired and depressed just thinking about it. So we reverted back to the “April” plan. And I took the countdown off my blog in a huff of disgust.

Here’s the exciting part. . .

The Countdown is Back!

See that cute little frog gaily leaping across the purple flowers? He’s counting down to me being done with school in December! Woo!

General Conference spoke volumes to me this year. We are taught to be balanced. That means you can’t be 100% at a job and 100% at school at the same time. It doesn’t work like that. You only have 100% (or sometimes 110%) of yourself to give. So I maturely and securely decided to stay within my limits and devised a plan where I could still graduate in December without absolutely killing myself. I asked Cameron what he thought of my plan at about 11:45 right before we fell asleep. His response was “I really wish you wouldn’t bring things like that up right before we go to bed.” Hahahaha. But in all seriousness, he is so encouraging of everything I want to do. I’m a lucky lady.


Here’s the plan!
During spring term I will be:
Working 20 hours at my internship (which is a class)
Working 10 hours at my paying job (so we don’t starve)
Taking 2 classes
-Family History (last religion class!)
-Writing about art and the humanities (let’s hear it for procrastinated generals)
for a total of 5 credit hours.

Summer term my class load is reduced to 3 credit hours. And by starting my internship this early, I should be finished with it in July-giving me all of August to have a REAL summer. It’s not much but I’m stoked to be realistically finishing in December.

After that, I just have one full 15 credit hour semester to take-and I’m DONE!

Just thought I’d letchya know. :)

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