There once was a girl at BYU...

...who had so many hobbies she didn't know which to do!

I believe I have taken things a bit to the extreme this time. A few weeks ago it occurred to me that science classes are hard. And a husband who takes 3 of those science classes in a single semester (soon to be 4 or 5. yikes!) has lots of studying that has to get done every night.


I got a hobby.

or 4.

1. You have all experienced my new found appreciation and LOVE for digital scrapbooking. I do adore it. And when else in your life do you have an excuse to have hundreds of pictures of you and your gorgeous husband looking fabulous?!

2. I had a sudoku obsession last year. I had this one book The Sudoku Code that came out during the Da Vinci Code fad and it absolutely blew my mind. Each spread inside has a sudoku puzzle with numbers and a "wordoku" puzzle, with 9 letters that spell a phrase. There's one square in the sudoku puzzle that's circled. When you finish that puzzle, you circle the rest of the numbers that are the same as the one in the circled square and then solve the wordoku. When you solve that puzzle, you circle the same squares that are circled in the sudoku puzzle. Then! the whole thing spells out a message through the entire book, which then tells you to do something completely different. Well-last year I finished half the book and then lost it. So-when I decided I needed a hobby I looked on Amazon and found it for $3. fantastic. I'm now on puzzle set 12 of 100.

3. Last thanksgiving (before me and Cam decided we don't really "do" thanksgiving anymore) we had a bit of car trouble and ended up staying in AZ longer than we had originally planned. We decided to spend the extra time watching the first season of lost. This has now become a common activity before bed. We're smack in the middle of season 3 and go to bed so anxious because they never give you any answers but the stupid hopeful part of me half expects it to make sense in the end. Does Lost addict count as a hobby? I think so.

4. Finally! I decided a few months ago that I wanted to learn how to quilt. I went to the quilting shop that's 4 blocks from our apartment and got super inspired and drastically overwhelmed at the same time. I decided to make a quilt as my summer project. Lo and behold, out of the sky comes the lovely Danielle Sanders who just happens to quilt all the time! So now I have a good friend who knows what she's doing and can help me figure out what I'm doing! I also went running today and on my way home saw that the quilting store was having an insane sale for the next hour! I went in and took tabs on how much everything cost. I went home and found the pattern I wanted (which happens to be on this super cute blog) took off for the store again and found 9 coordinating fabrics and thread for my mom's serger. All for under $25. (Money I had from selling my clothes to Plato's closet.)


it's going to be an awesome summer.

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