We're pretty darn happy in the Call household today! Cameron heard back from a doctor's assistant job at a local Chiropractic office, and my brilliant man landed it! [for those of you who don't know, we're no longer on the pre-dental track. we're now deciding between Chiropractics and Podiatry. Cameron really liked his anatomy class, and since Chiropractics really emphasizes that, we're tending to lean that way]. It's such a good situation. He'll be able to keep the job during school and learn from an actual Chiropractor [ask questions, check out the lifestyle, etc.] and get a great letter of recommendation to med school later on.

o yeah. and we get free chiropractic care.

(mom. i know. it's insane how awesome life can be sometimes.)

Reason #8,076,326 I love Cameron Call- He's brilliant. :)

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