Birthday Update :)

Dear Blog,
I’m sorry I have so terribly neglected you for the past couple weeks. I not only have TONS to post, I also have fun things to post. I think about you a lot, it’s just very very hard for me to find the time to sit down and spend some qt with ya. You’re loved. I promise. To make up for it, I’ll write about our birthdays WITHOUT posting pictures. I know. The sacrifices I make.



My birthday is on August 20th. Cameron’s is on August 21st. It’s quite convenient, what with all the free meal coupons to our fave restaurants. We got 2 huge burgers and bottomless steak fries from Red Robin for absolutely free. We went to Coldstone after that and upgraded our “free creations” to waffle cones, extra mix ins, etc. for only $3 total. That rocks. This week, we ate completely free at Noodles & co. [If you haven’t been there, I highly recommend it. YUM!]

For my birthday, Cameron went above and beyond anything I was expecting. I’ve mentioned in the past how keeping a family history is really important to me. [Honestly, it’s the main reason I scrapbook.] I’ve also talked about how  much I would love to preserve the music we love and the home videos we’ve taken. Cameron, took note of all these hints and put together a video of our first year together. [My birthday marked 1 year of us being in the same city.] He started at efy, and had slides of his journal entries about me. Pictures, video, music, everything. He took me back to the dates we went on, through the proposal, engagement, wedding planning, wedding, honeymoon, and our first 8 months together. I sobbed through the entire thing. It was fantastic. He’s incredible. I also woke up to a dozen daisies. LOVE HIM. We went to education week all day, went to Zupas for dinner with my mom and sister and saw Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat, followed by gelato at Maestro’s. It was great to have my mom and sister in town too! [Which was unexpected.] My presents were delivered by balloon. My mom took me shoe shopping [got flats from Lindsay-thanks Linds!, sandals & boots from mom]. Then my mom took me for a pedicure and left me with money for a massage. talk about awesome.

At dinner, Cameron let me open the rest of my gifts. [He’s a fantastic over achiever.] He got me good & plenty’s which I love, but he won’t even kiss me if he can smell them. A new puzzle [secret: I LOVE puzzles…but I get bored with the ones I have because I can do up to 1,000 pieces in an afternoon. It gets annoying/addicting.] And my favorite: a new white flower for my hair. I wore a white flower on the day we first met, and on our wedding day. He’s wonderful.

For Cam’s birthday-we were still at education week, but I had everything wrapped and ready for the morning [I was so proud]. We constantly talk about what movies/books we want to have when we have kids, and Cam’s favorite storybook as a kid was Where the Wild Things Are. He has watched the trailer for the movie coming up tons of times and has even downloaded the background music to it. I bought him the book, and [since tickets weren’t on sale yet] put an “admit 2” ticket inside for seeing the movie in a REAL theater. To make it even better, there was a card inside for Taco Bell before the movie, and a jar of pickled okra. The kid is a little weird, but we love him. He raves about pickled okra every time he goes grocery shopping with me, so I figured his birthday is as good a day as ever. Also, I made him a peanut butter cup dessert to put candles in. We ate at Brick Oven with the Fam complete with jungle print balloons tied to his chair. [Balloons are a tradition in my family.]

It was wonderful! and we learned so much at education week that I can’t wait to share with you! It completely changed the way I see Cameron and how we both communicate. It may seem juvenile but I just thought it was so great.

In a nutshell update: the birthdays were wonderful, and we’re more in love than ever. Hope you all are doing well too!

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