Serendipity #1

I received this from an old high school friend and thought it would be just perfect for a new kit! I'd love to hear what you think!

Hi beautiful girls!

So an idea got brought to my attention regarding fasting. This week myself and some of the girls will be fasting anything we do to beautify ourselves or as I like to call it (enhance what we already For some of you this type of fast may not be a huge sacrifice but for a girl like myself I love putting on make-up doing my hair every morning and dressing up. So the challenge would be to go all natural for 5 days and see what desires God has put in your heart "uncovered" not clouded with beauty products or fashionable clothing.

Im not saying make yourself look bad, just all natural. For some of you, you know your beauty is natural and this may not be a sacrificing fast. But if it is I wanted to challenge girls group to a 5 day fast I like to call "uncovered". Pray all week and see what God is speaking to you about your self-image, your true desires in your heart that have nothing to do with outward appearence but rather your heart. Do whatever you think God is challenging you to do. For example I may have to do something with my hair and clothes for the kind of job I have.

It will be interesting to hear what God does through this. Having a good self-image is so important to God, as we were made in his likeness and identity. We should be confident in our own identity and that starts in the heart and realize our true beauty and the way God see's us. As for myself I struggled with not just self-esteem issues but self-loathing, it tore me apart, it tore other people in my life apart, and everyday Im still being delivered from it piece by piece, my image and identity has been my biggest struggle,and I think most women struggle with this to a degree. Maybe not in the degree I did, but some degree. If your doing the fast I would love to hear stories about things God did in your life, through it and after it.

Love you my beauties!!!

Love and Blessings!


The new kit will be called "Au Naturale." If you decide to participate in the challenge, and share your experience with me, the kit is yours free!

Can't wait to see what blessings come from this for all of us!
Image courtesy of Candace Napier.

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