Guilty as Charged: OAMC April 2010

I know I said this OAMC day was going to have to wait until next weekend, but I was so excited to try out some of my new recipes that I dragged [drug?] C to the grocery store until 1 am on on Thursday night/Friday morning and got my A game on for Saturday. Here's the final product:

I'm kind of glad I didn't do too much research before I started doing OAMC. It never occurred to me that I might need an extra freezer, or that going all out and doing 30 meals in one shot might be harder than I thought, or that there are so many different ways to organize and plan your cooking day they'll make your head spin.

I kind of just went for it. And I'm so grateful I did! Since then, I've stumbled upon blog after blog of ways to get past the "Major OAMC Hang-ups." I guess if you don't think about the hang-ups to begin with and just decide you're going to make it work, it will!

Try it. You'll never go back.

This month was the first time I tried doing anything other than the main dish for dinners. It took just as long, but I got 32 crescent rolls out of the deal too!

I've also received some questions as to what my mixes look like. To clarify, I don't open the cans and pour them in. I just keep everything together [and measure out spices/rice/etc.] so it takes about a minute to get the meal in the oven. This also saves space in the freezer and makes for a great solution for those "oh my gosh I totally forgot to thaw out dinner" days.

Final tally: 28 dinners. 2 potato casseroles. 32 dinner rolls.

Still to make: Strawberry Jam. Artichoke Dip. Bagels. Instant Oatmeal. C's also planning to do his famous, incredible refried beans so we can make some brown bag burros.

For not planning on doing this at all this weekend, I'm pretty thrilled with the results.

Have any of you tried OAMC yet? I'm happy to answer your questions!

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