How To Stay In Love [#1]

My hometown of Flagstaff does something called "Mormon Prom" for the 16+ kids as an alternative to the "dirty dancing" craze that has recently swept the nation. It's a classy night in a good atmosphere. My little bro is 16 now, and has a cute little lady all his own. [weird, yes because I'm used to the J.T. that played with rescue heroes and ran naked through the house after his bath. but she's a total doll! One of those girls every mom wishes her son would be interested in.] 

They've been "together" for 6 months now, and on the 6 month mark, J.T. put this little ditty together to ask her to Mormon Prom.

As I understand it, J.T. wore a jacket over this shirt all day until choir, which I think they have together. Cue the roses, sharpie in the oversized bag and a cute note from my stud of a brother.

With 3 older sisters, chances are he's got some good resources for spoiling a girl! Now, all of you ladies who are sitting there wishing your man would do something like this for you, remember there is no reason you can't spoil (and probably slightly embarrass) your man just the same. Plan a fun date (or night in) and put a little effort into asking him on a good old-fashioned date. A candy bar and a note in his lunch/wallet/car will make a pretty big difference in his day. Who knows, he might just reciprocate sometime.

Then, you can make out like teenagers. Because being a teenager, sometimes, really isn't all bad!

Note: if you're interested in some pretty sa-weet ways to ask him out-you've got to read this post.

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