Love Like Crazy: Be A Best Friend

I'm still in love with the song, Love Like Crazy by Lee Brice. It's funny how lines from that song really stick out to me because they apply to my life in amazing ways. Today's line is "Be a Best Friend." It starts out every chorus in the song and begs listeners to recognize its absolute importance in a healthy relationship.

C is my best friend. hands down. He knows me better than anyone and can make me laugh harder than my sister Lindsay, which is saying something. [The woman is hilarious.]

Sunday, when we walked home from church, the weather outside was too beautiful to stay inside for long. C got a blanket out and threw it on our front lawn. I brought out the cards and games. We laid down and took turns answering cards from the game Loaded Questions.

Try this with me. Take your bottom teeth and run them repeatedly over your top lip [outside to inside.] If you get the chance, look at yourself in a mirror. Are you cracking up? I totally am.

I looked over at C. He was doing that.
K: What on EARTH are you doing?
C: My lip itched.

Thus began various lip scratching/lips wrapped over the teeth endeavors, all in the wonderful sunshine Utah's been missing for the past 2 months.

Example #2: C is my best friend because he knows what I love. Before I met C, I was a bit of a celebrity at the country dance hall every Wednesday and Saturday night. I fell back in love with country music and could swing, two-step, line dance, waltz, and cha-cha with just about anybody. It was a BLAST! I've taught C a few moves here and there, but I'm not very good at letting him lead.

For mother's day, he got me this:

Dance the Night Away Over 100 Dances

And we Rumba'd and Cha Cha'd for hours. [Slam Dunk on the gift, C!] It also includes a "crash course on how to look good on the dance floor," which is something of a necessity for us lanky folks. The best part is it teaches C how to lead me! It makes us both into great dancers. It's a little old school, but the dances aren't out-dated at all, just the costumes... which makes for a good laugh.

Thanks for letting me live out my DWTS obsession, C. You totally rock!

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