Makin' Dad Proud

On January 2nd 2009, I took the last name of Call. Completely in love with C, I couldn't wait to take his name and start our life together. However, it occurred to me on Wednesday that I am still a McGuire in so many ways! I've tried to be a "lady," per my mother's requests, and I'll admit, I love a new pair of earrings, shoes, getting a manicure, etc. every once in a while. It's fun to get prettied up!

It is also fun to run around, get dirty, sweat, and throw like a boy.

I had a softball game on Wednesday, and I'll admit I was on fire! C was in the stands cheering, I was hitting well, fielding well, etc. It was awesome! I out ran a play and slid into second. [My mom's favorite thing to watch when I was in High School.] Man, I felt invincible. I was BACK!

I got this bad boy:

And couldn't stop smiling/talking C's ear off about how awesome it was to play well again all the way home. Thanks babe for supporting me and letting me play like a kid again!

And thanks Dad for coaching me and going to EVERY game and waking up with me at 6 in the morning to play. [Read: dragging me out of bed at 6 in the morning and/or throwing water on me...] Thanks for teaching me how to run the bases and for warning me that I'll get thrown out if I'm not a little more humble on the baseline.

Actually...I haven't quite learned that lesson yet. I drew a pickle between second and third and was a leeetle too far off the base. I was trying to buy the girl running to first some time but ended up getting tagged out by the short stop. Although, I don't think that ever happened in high school, so maybe I just need a better base coach. lol.

I love it.

This is one family legacy that will definitely get passed on to our kids. Now we just need to get C a mitt.

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