Open Mouth, Insert Foot

I normally pride myself on being socially savvy. I am a total extrovert and gain energy around people. Sure, I like time to myself, but more than an hour or so makes me crazy! I enjoy first impressions, dinner parties, game nights, etc. You get the idea.

Because of the recent layoffs at work, I spend a lot of time alone. The room I'm in has 2 empty desks in addition to my own. It's in the corner of the office, tucked away. It's silent, and frankly, I think people forget that I'm still working here. Either way, I spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen. In an attempt to avoid inevitable blindness, I wear my glasses. Friday afternoon, I took my glasses off and walked across the office to find my boss and schedule an interview. I noticed someone new sitting at the desk of one of the employees who just got laid off. Being an extrovert and having been completely alone/secluded all day, I walk up and say:

"Hi! I'm Kristin. I don't think I know you!"

[Keep in mind my eyes are super blurry because I'm no longer wearing my glasses.] She looks up at me and things start to clear up. It's the CEO's wife. This is my 3rd time "meeting" her. I've said "I don't think I've met you before!" every single time. Ouch.

And then I started to backpedal & try to explain my situation. Fail.

Is it over? Oh, no. Fast forward to Friday night at Comedy Sportz. Like I mentioned before, the CEO of my company works there for fun on the weekends. He's a pretty cool guy. It was a great show, and we went to talk to him afterward. A young man and his wife also came up to talk to him he introduced us. "Kristin, this is Gabe. Gabe, Kristin works at my company. Gabe and me go way back. We were great friends before he went all big and famous on me. Gabe's a part of Jericho Road."

Me: "No way! I saw you in Phoenix when you toured with John Bytheway, back when I was like 11. We loved you guys. My friend, Julie, was probably your biggest fan! You guys still have a fan, I'm sure."   [Note: I meant to say "She's still a fan, I'm sure." It definitely didn't come out like that!]

Gabe's Wife: "Hey! They just released a CD last year!"

Me [again, trying to backpedal in front of the CEO]: "That's not what I meant! I'm so sorry. That came out all wrong!"

I don't think Gabe heard me. C didn't even hear me, but I know how it is when defending one's husband. I felt terrible! Not exactly the confident conversation I was hoping to have. heh.


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