Stick a Fork in Me

This picture taken while looking for a campsite at 2 am this weekend.
[More on that later...]
I'm currently feeling more like C is looking in this picture than how I'm looking. The deliriously funny state of tired hasn't quite set in.

For some reason all I can think of today is that song that me and my sister Lindsay used to sing when we were younger that goes about like this: "Sometimes dontchya feel like you are drunk behind the wheel!" I'm sure there is a much more popular song with those same lyrics, but the tune is most likely different than what's going on in my head.

I am 100% burned out. My brain doesn't work right now.

I should be thinking about:

  1. dinner tonight

  2. softball game later

  3. finishing this article that's 75% done already

  4. designing

  5. scrapbooking

  6. networking

  7. projects, projects, projects

  8. how to get myself out of bed in the morning

  9. finding time to do everything that I want to/feel obligated to do

  10. try some of the millions of new recipes I've come across

  11. pick up my books from the library

  12. support C in his psycho school day today

  13. figure out how to help a beautiful, wonderful girl at my church whose husband decided he doesn't want to be married anymore. :(

  14. figure out how to be a better friend to a friend who's having a really, really hard day

  15. schedule visiting teaching

  16. catch up the checkbook [1st month trying REALLY hard to keep track of everything and I still forgot about $275 we had to pay to get a drain unclogged. sheesh.]

  17. transfer money to cover the dirt cheap car insurance C set up for us last month

  18. blog our garden/Moab trip 2.0/recipes for you lovely ladies

  19. design stuff for the multiple collabs I've committed to

  20. get almond milk to make yogurt with this weekend [and then blog that too.]

I'm not really stressed. I'm just tired, I think. Yesterday, I stayed an hour and a half late at work so I could finish the voice-overs on tutorial videos for our next product launch and I'm beat. [Not to mention I came in early yesterday, and every day for the past month...] And then, my colleague got laid off a couple days ago, so the number of accounts I'm managing just doubled.
And honestly, being a stay-at-home mom is tugging at my heartstrings every single morning and makes it quite difficult to get out of bed and go. When is it going to be my turn?

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