Sugar-Free Dessert Woes

Remember how C & I went off sugar for the year? It's going pretty darn well. When I crave something sweet, I automatically think of fruit or granola or yogurt, so that's a nice and welcome change. However, Utah has finally kicked the "freak-snow-storms-in-June" habit and has decided to let us have some real summer. And that means it gets a little toasty in our little brick townhouse.

My solution?

Crystal Light was on sale last week, so I grabbed some raspberry limeade/orange/strawberry banana drink mix and set off to look for popsicle molds.

I have checked both Target and Walmart and neither of them carry them. I seriously asked C:

"I'm not old, right? These are still cool...they still make them, don't they?"

I just don't think $2 popsicle molds are something I should have to buy online.

Perhaps tho, I can get them for free with Swagbucks.

If you want to help a sister out, and get in on the $5 Amazon Gift Card action, sign up for Swagbucks, install the toolbar and get searching. [I feel fine endorsing this because we've already paid for movies, C's laptop cover, and my mother's day gift with Amazon Gift Cards from Swagbucks. It works. And it sure is nice to have some runnin' money for just spending some time online.]

If you do decide to sign up though, please use this link, or the one above and soon I'll have enough Swagbucks to get these.

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