Never Pay Full Price for CMKD Scraps Again & CT Call!

Today, I'm leaving with C for Arizona. We haven't been down there since Christmas! [That's pretty great for us. Last year, it felt like we went down there every month. Financially, that just wasn't good.] I'm so excited to see everybody. We have a family reunion for my mom's side of the family on Thursday and Friday, and then a reunion for C's dad's side of the family on Saturday and Sunday. It's a good thing we LOVE everybody! Because I'm going to be gone, I wanted to let you know about a promotion I'm running. I would love to get a gallery of pages & projects made with Call Me Kristin Designs products. It keeps creative juices flowing! So, to reward you for taking the time to send me your designs, you'll get a 50% off coupon for your entire order in the shop! The good news is that your projects can even include pages/cards/home decor/etc. made with my freebies! That means you could possibly not pay full price for anything ever again! [You know how I love a good deal. :)]

So here's how it works. Just send me an image of your page/project/card/etc. made with mostly Call Me Kristin Designs products and I'll send you an exclusive 50% off coupon, just for you! Once I get back, I'll start putting together the gallery. Every image you submit will be linked back to your blog, so if you're looking for a way to promote yourself, here's a great place to do it! Just let me know the URL you'd like the image linked to.

I can't wait to see your pages!

Note: If you're interested in being on my creative team, I will be holding a CT call in the near future. Gallery submissions will be used as your application, so get a page in if you'd like to be on the CT!

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