The Big Apple

Remember how I lost my job? It's actually been a really good thing. I found a new job at Mikarose and we have enough to get by for now. The sudden drop in our income, though, has caused us to be a little more creative with our dates. Last weekend, I decided to take C to New York City. He's talked a lot about how much he would love to visit the Big Apple, and since we won't be able to afford the real thing any time soon, this was the perfect way to spend a Saturday night.

C was going to be at school all day long studying and I told him I would get him all the information he'd need through e-mail. This is what he received:

I just did a quick photoshop job of an existing boarding pass. But, note to self, make it a little more obvious that it's fake next time! I successfully stressed C out of his mind. He was looking at the boarding time and figuring out when he needed to leave Provo in order to be in SLC on time. Not to mention my phone was dead. Basically, I was trying to tell him that I would pick him up at 6:23 at the WSC turnaround. Message failed. He was waiting for me for a n hour because it says "please be at the boarding gate well ahead of departure time..." darn. after our "rocky departure," I took him to a real life New York Pizzeria!

Homemade pizza, salad and breadsticks, with cherry limeade to drink. It was yummy! The card on the table said "dessert." Inside was a note asking him if he'd like to go biking through "central park" and to meet me out back. I had borrowed his cousin's bike and bikerack so we could haul the bikes and take a ride up the canyon. I haven't been on a bike in about 5 years and it was a blast! We're definitely going to have to look into getting me a bike. We were outside, exercising, and talking. It was a whole new world for me!We rode up to a park along the river where his cousin Eric was having a birthday party with homemade cobbler and ice cream. C has basically left me on the no-sugar front, so he enjoyed a big bowl of it before we headed back.

We started and ended the bike ride at the Shops at Riverwoods mall. When we got back, in true New York City fashion, there was a dance party going on. We took a walk around, observed the "nightlife" and headed back to the car, where I surprised C with these:

We cuddled up on the couch and watched the Phantom of the Opera. I was sort of worried C would think this date idea was kind of childish or dumb, but we both had the absolute best time! We'll see where our next trip takes us. We'll definitely be doing this again!

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