Harry Potter 7 part 1: Are YOU ready?

C and I are big fans of Harry Potter, and the first part of the 7th movie is coming out in November. You better believe that we're getting ticket to the midnight showing. Allow me to refresh your memory if you don't remember the midnight showing of the 6th:

We do the whole dress up, scar on the face, best seat in the house thing. That premiere was in July of 2009, summertime.

This premiere is in November. Which means it's going to be cold, and possibly snowy. And what do Hogwarts students do in the wintertime?

They wear scarves.

And just for a perk, what do Hogwarts students have?

They have owls. That is an OWL on my HAT that I KNITTED. Bammo. I'm thrilled. :) Pattern from here. :)

We're going to the midnight showing with our friends, the Heldts. We're each wearing a scarf with one of the house colors on it. C gets to be Gryffindor. I have to be Hufflepuff. And the Heldts are Ravenclaw and Slytherin. We are dorks. and we are OK with that. :) I now have to go about finding a way to make a yellow and black scarf less heinous. I'm thinking ochre will fix my problem...and perhaps I'll make the black optional? idk. Any ideas are more than welcome!

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