For Halloween this year C and I dressed up as Avatars. I hated that movie. But, I made a deal with C that if he built this, I would be an Avatar. I didn't think it would actually happen, but he had that bed built so fast! And so, I had to hold up my end of the deal.

The only issue was we got as far as face paint and C's wig until the day of the party. C had grabbed his camo stuff from AZ while we were down there in August, but I had NOTHING to wear over my stretchy blue pants [which happen to be C's running tights when it gets cold.] I made a skirt out of an old button up shirt I had and threw on a brown top. A couple of braids later and Bam. Avatar.

It was way too much work to get all painted like that to just go to one party, so after our Halloween Party ended, we headed to BYU campus to liven things up a bit.

We peered through the windows in the library where people were studying, ran from tree to tree and peered out at innocent passers-by, and sometimes ran full force through groups of people just to freak them out. It was wonderfully immature and hilarious.

The highlight of my night was by the freshman dorms. There were these two freshman boys who were doing the swagger walk, like they were all that. I ran full force about a foot away from them and they ran into each other in a total panic trying to get away from me. It was hysterical to watch them try to regain their "cool" stature after squealing like little girls. Bahahaha.

C really embraced the part.

We even paid the security guards in the library a little visit. They informed us that the face paint and the wig classified as a "costume" so they could not allow us into the library. I'm really grateful they were able to tell me that what we were wearing were costumes. We had been unsure up to that point.

Overall, a rousing success of a night. It was a blast!

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