Facelifts All Around!

It was recently brought to my attention that people actually want to know what I'm designing. It was also brought to my attention that a lot of people don't even know the extent of my designing.

So here it is, friends.

I design websites & blogs.

From scratch, from blogger templates, from wordpress, etc.

Headers, custom coding, backgrounds, buttons, navigation bars, social media buttons, etc.

Basically, I design the whole enchilada.

I design promotional materials.

This includes, but is absolutely not limited to, backdrops for retail stores, signs for retail stores, flyers, brochures, newspaper and magazine advertisements, etc.

I design parties.

Invites, announcements, dessert tables, etc.

[10 bucks says you're sick of hearing about these. :)]

I design by request.

I've designed senior ads, touched up photos, scrapbooked for others, etc.

[I would LOVE to design pass-along cards for adoptive couples.]

Like I said, I design the whole enchilada.

And now, I'm giving those design services a home.

Click here to see examples of the whole enchilada.

I figured I'd fill you in before you just started seeing random posts about new designs I've done. :)

There are currently 3 of 5 openings available in my design queue. If you would like to discuss pricing for your design project please contact me.

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