Halloween Party!

We threw a Halloween party the weekend before Halloween. Our swanky neighbors made these awesome gravestones for our front yard. My favorite is that on Cedric Digory's headstone it says {Team Edward}. Ha. :)

We played a game called Trick or Treat. There was a bowl full of strips of paper that either said "Trick" or "Treat" on them. If you got "Treat" you picked a piece of candy out of the candy bowl. If you picked "Trick," you had to perform a trick in order to get your treat. This would be me putting as many marshmallows in my mouth as possible in an attempt to accomplish the trick: Ghostbuster.


The Mummy.

Donuts on a String.

The Scarecrow: Also known as "General Humiliation." Thanks for being a good sport Jake!

Tommy after bobbing for apples. Took him a while, and he was in almost up to his shoulders before he found the apple with the quarter in it. :)

The Littles. Chris's wife, Emily, is blindfolded and trying to get chocolate syrup into his mouth without bending her knees. Most of the time this is quite messy. These two were way too good at it. Made for a bit of a let-down, but their communication skills were impressive.

Our conjoined twins [Brian & Allison] drawing the best ogre they could using their feet and pistachio pudding.

Not too shabby, eh?

Mario & Princess Peach taking their turn in the apple bobbing bucket.

We had a total blast and will definitely be doing this again! Thanks to everybody who came!

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