QT Black & White Quilt #3

Here we are with Block 3 and 4.

Block #3 is Army Star and is on page 32 in 501 Rotary-Cut Quilt Blocks. This is also an 8 grid block but the center is a little different. Because it is an 8" block you know that the center 4 squares are a 4" square finished. If you don't have the book, draw up other grid that is 4" and put your grid lines in and find your pattern. Lay out your pattern pieces and find the grid and the easiest way to piece it together. You can see here how I did it.

Here is the finished block

Block 4 is Castles in Spain and is a 4 grid block. You can still use your 8 grid you drew up last time. Find your patten and add your seam allowance. Laying it out again to find the easiest way to sew together.

Here is the finished block

When I sew I like to end with a scrap of fabric or a block to another quilt, so I can cut down on the lose threads. It keeps my sewing room cleaner. I always cut the dog ears off the corners to cut down on fabric in the block, both for pieces and for quilting.

Press for Easy Machine Piecing. Remember the back of the quilt needs to lay as flat as the front and I like to make the back look as good as I can. Don't forget the starch, it makes the pressing much nicer, press as your go. Press towards the dark if possible. When you sew one seam to another the second seam needs to go the other direction. You can lock the seams together with a pin or just wiggle the two seams between your fingers and they will lock together. Opening the seam will make your seam weaker, so try not to do this unless you need to. I don't find a difference from pressing from the top or pressing from the back, but I usually do both. Curved seams should be pressed toward the patch with the inside curve and it is not necessary to clip the seam allowance. Applique Blocks try to avoid crushing applique and place face down on a towel to avoid flattening the applique or causing any shiny spots. Sashes and borders press toward the plain border or the side with the fewest seams. Pressing quilt tops will help in quilting.

Just remember that pressing is the key to a successful quilting project.
Don't forget to save all of the little scraps of fabric for another lesson.

You can upload pictures of your blocks with the Zinkz at the bottom of this post, share what you have been doing or post a comment or ask questions.

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