QT Black & White Quilt #6

Here we are with Lesson #6 on the Black & White Quilt. Don't forget to save all your scraps for next time.

This is Flower Basket page 109
Judy Hopkins 501 Rotary-Cut Quilt Blocks

And the second block is Hour Glass II on page 142
in Judy Hopkins 501 Rotary-Cut Quilt Blocks

This is how I store my fabric, Plus I also have larger plastic drawers I use. I like cutting 2 1/2 inch strips and using them. After I have used them I move them into another pile, so I can see and remember what I have used and what I have not used. You can see the 2 piles of 2 1/2 inch green and white with black. The black prints are under my green one. I use a file folder to separate different piles in the same tube. You can see my pile of scraps I have already. Some of these went into the blocks I made this time by doing them scrappy. You don't have to spend as much time getting your fabric ready for the blocks if you do it this way. I label the tube as well, so I know what is in it.

When I am making a quilt, I like to cut my binding and get it sewn together before the top is done. This is one of those job I didn't like to do, so by getting it done early when you want to sew, it's done and out of the way by the time you need it. I also start working on the back, any extra blocks or strips I get done too, so after the quilt top is finished, I have very little work to finish the back and I feel like the quilting fairy came and did some of my work for me. If I get some of the work done, I hang it on a hanger and hang it in the quilting closet to wait for the rest and then it is off to the quilting machine. This is one of my next quilting projects. Try to label the project by writing on the plastic bag the binding is in. (That's because it is usually the first thing done.)

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