Congrats if you made it through the past week on this blog. I've been quite the downer, eh?

I'm actually feeling a heck of a lot better. Cam and I have been taking some time for each other this week and it has been fabulous. Remember this? Well, it's finally under way! We're about a third of the way done with it, and we are thrilled to be up late working on it every night. There is something so fulfilling about working on a major project together. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Also, things that ROCK:

  1. The sun is shining today. I can see blue up in the sky. This is a big deal.

  2. There is finally a countdown on the side of my blog for Cam's graduation. Woo! Less than 5 months baby!

  3. It did not rain this morning, Cam got to wear his star wars shoes for the first time since we were in Arizona for Christmas. Also a big deal.

  4. Freezer Cooking made me look like wife of the year a couple nights ago. Firecracker Chicken, Steamed Veggies & Lemon Dill Rice. And all I did was throw a bag in the rice cooker and dump the chicken in a baking dish. Yeah. That's a good day.

  5. 13 days until this treatless year is over. We are going to the melting pot with some of our friends to celebrate. I'm gonna bet that I can handle about 3 bites of that fondue before my head is spinning. I'm also gonna bet that my spinning head will not stop me from continuing to enjoy myself.

  6. Fabric for my quilt keeps pouring in. Notes of encouragement, perfect timing, inspired fabric choices. We are overwhelmed by the support we've been shown.

  7. Parenthood is now going to be dealing with infertility. The episode made me sob. But it is so nice to see it portrayed in the media! It's been such a hush-hush topic for so long. The bottom line is that it is HARD. I'm glad word is getting out. I'm hoping that when more people understand infertility, insensitive comments won't happen quite so often. (Don't rain on my parade. Let me hope. I realize it won't be fixed overnight or from one episode, but progress is progress.)

  8. Cam wore some seriously great jeans last night. While I was working on this, I looked up and he had his shirt off. I started laughing and asked him what he was doing. His response: "Oh, nothing. I was just bored." Love. That. Man.

  9. Cam woke me up this morning by rubbing my legs. My mom used to wake me up that way in high school. My legs get really stiff at night. This is the BEST.

  10. It is Thursday. Also known as Friday Eve.

  11. Cam had to go to the dentist for some cavities. (Don't judge. We haven't had dental insurance for a looooong time. We're kind of digging ourselves out of a hole right now.) He texts me "so, so numb." I respond "Aw! Done already? Babe, I think today is a coldstone recovery day." His response "All done :) wow. Wish my lip looked as big as it feels. This is SO COOL!" His stubborn ability to be positive no matter what is so impressive to me. And it makes me laugh. He rocks.

Bottom line: the sun is shining. we're still smiling. cam's still playing with his fat frozen lip. the weekend is still coming. life is good.

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