*little* crafts

After we finished the couch, Cam told me I got to pick a few *little* crafts to work on next. No more king sized quilts or sectional re-dos. So, I started planning the little touches I could add to our home to make it ours. I truly believe the beauty of a home is in the details. The little pieces of personality left by those who live there. I really wanted to add something personal to a blank wall in our bathroom. Our poor little bathroom has been neglected. Almost every other part of the house has been updated in some way, but our bathroom...yuck. I wanted to do a sign of some sort. Tall & skinny. Because it was going to be in the bathroom, somewhere we go first thing in the morning, I wanted it to be a list of ways to take care of your marriage. I mentioned this to Cam, and without even hesitating he said, "Why don't you put the lyrics to love like crazy on there?" I was totally jazzed about the idea. I love it when Cam and I are so absolutely on the same page! It was EXACTLY the idea I needed. So, here's what I came up with:

Cam took 2 boards and bracketed them together for me. I designed the layout in photoshop and cut it out with my silhouette on contact paper. Painted the whole thing white, and then Cam stenciled the words on with navy blue paint. I think I'm still going to go over it and sand it down a little. Some of those lines are too crisp for my taste. But I am TOTALLY in love with the crack down the middle.

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