The Sweet Life

Well, last wednesday the year ended. Last tuesday was free cone day at Ben and Jerry's. As one last grand gesture of self-restraint and love for Cam, I went through the line, got my free cone, and walked around with it until he downed his it started dripping down my hand. At that point, I shoved it into his other hand and let him look like a horker.

Wednesday came and I went to work. I was about halfway through my day when this showed up:

Flowers, balloons, and chocolate covered cinnamon bears. YUM! We had plans to go to the melting pot that night, so those little bears sat on my desk all day long and tormented me. They are my absolute favorite candy, but nothing beats the melting pot, so I waited.

Cam came to pick me up at work and gave me a huge hug. We drove home, got changed, and met up with the Youngs to head to SLC. It was National Cheese Day or something like that, so every reservation received a free pot of cheese fondue. It was so yummy! Green Apples in warm cheese is so so good.

Next up was the chocolate pot. (We opted to not get the broth course of the meal because it's super expensive. Cheese & Chocolate was it for us!) The group let me pick the first pot. I chose a white chocolate amaretto.

First up, I went for a brownie bite. If you're breaking a year-long sugar fast you can't break it on a banana or a strawberry or something lame like that!

Please note Cam's face. He is quite pleased that I am once again eating treats. lol.

We got a second pot of chocolate (the flaming turtle), which was a lot more rich than the first pot. I had about 2 bites of it and my head started pounding! It was SO good though! I woke up the next morning with a choco-hangover. And I was nice & crabby. A sweet reminder of just exactly why I went off sugar in the first place.

We've since gone to a few of our favorite dessert shops, but I'm not convinced I need sugar to be happy. I miss how I felt when I wasn't eating it. And so, I'm debating whether to just give it up for good or to work out another system that works for me. My current ideas are:

  1. I can only have 1 treat per event. (Party with lots of treats, just pick one.)

  2. I can only have 1 treat if I work out that day - or -

  3. Just quit. Everyone is happier that way.

Cam doesn't much like #3, but it's seeming to win out right now. (Coming from the girl who just ate at Farr's Fresh Ice Cream last night...)


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