Zebra + Chrome

When we reupholstered our couch, we turned it from a sectional into a 3-seater. This gave us some extra room in the living room that looked....empty. We were up in Salt Lake on Tuesday, and took a little drive up to the Centerville DI to see what we could find. (We'd heard the DI's that aren't in college towns are SO much better and boy, were they right!)

I wanted to find a chair to fit that little empty corner of the room, but it had to be cheap. We looked around for a while and didn't really see anything. (Especially anything under $10.) We walked into the yard area, and it was like that magic part right at the beginning of willy wonka where the entire land is edible. Lamps, picture frames, furniture, an air hockey table, screen doors, etc. We were in heaven. I got distracted with the chandeliers and Cam came around the corner with this little beauty, tagged for $4!

We were just giddy. It was PERFECT! So, we bought it and hit JoAnns next door right before they closed to pick up a half yard of fabric for $5. Last night, Cam picked me up from work, we did a 15-minute trip to Lowe's for spray paint ($6), and threw our freezer meal in the oven. (Taco pasta. Cooks for 90 minutes). Cam took the seat off. I recovered it. He primed & painted the base, and we attached the new seat right as the timer went off for dinner. Talk about a great project! I should find more things we can do while dinner's cooking. I felt so productive!

Shameless plug for freezer cooking: UM, when was the last time YOU re-designed a chair while making dinner. I'm tellin' ya. Freezer cooking changes lives!

What do you think?

Total cost: $15

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