So Sweet.

This boy fell in love with me over 3 years ago.

And I am dang lucky, because as soon as I met him I knew, "If he will have me, I will marry him. If he won't I'll be single forever, because now I know that a man like him exists."

He is incredible. More importantly our marriage is incredible. And it is because of him.

I got to sit next to him in church yesterday. His arm around me, holding my hands. We were intertwined the whole meeting.

There is something about being palm to palm with the man that you love. Something warm and reassuring. And it hit me hard that I am his. And he is mine.

Somehow, he came to the conclusion that I am cool enough to spend eternity with. Me. And no one else.

I love him.

So. Dang. Much.

I wish I could put into words how it makes me feel when he looks at me in a way that is just for me.

Or when he wakes me up by rubbing my back and kissing my forehead.

Or narrates the mundane details of our lives in a song.

Or smiles his truly content, not for the camera, peaceful, blissful smile.

The smile that tells me I'm doing something right.

Or when he says everything with his eyes. His beautiful green eyes.

Or when he serenades me on the piano while I'm attempting to make dinner.

Or has the dishes done before I even come back from the bathroom.

Or leaves me a love note for no good reason. Just because.

Or when I finally realize that all the little things that he does are to show me that our marriage is the most important thing in his life. That he will fight for it and work for it and forgive and try again and be by my side no matter how terribly I screw up or lose sight of what's important.

I am his and he is mine.

And it is so sweet.

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