QT Farmer's Wife Quilt Blocks #3 & Disapearing Nine Patch

Back home from the Houston Quilt Market and was it FUN! I have even got caught up with my Farmer's Wife Quilt Blocks, and even found time to play with new fabric I bought at market.....

Blocks #77, 89, 74, 64, 54, 80

Blocks #102, 11, 55, 44, 85, 107

Blocks # 86, 104

This is the new fabric I bought at market It's St. Remy de Provence by Robyn Pandolph for RJR Fabrics. Isn't it beautiful? This Fabric will not be sold on the bolt until late December or January. I knew the minute I saw it, I wanted to try a block pattern that a friend shared with me called the Disappearing Nine Patch. This has to be the fastest - easiest way of making a quilt I have ever seen and fun too!

This is what the blocks look like after you cut them up. Think of the possibility of how many different looks you could get depending on how many fabrics you use and where you place them. This is a link to the web site that had the directions that I used: Disappearing Nine Patch

But there are many of them out there. You can even find them on Pinterest.

I cut my blocks into 6 inch squares, but I now think I could have got more for my bucks if I would have cut them into 5 inch squares. The difference being was I was using fat quarters instead of yardage. But it will be OK, I will just use my left overs in the boarder. I now have the blocks all sewn and cut apart, so hopefully you will see a finished quilt before long.

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