QT Christmas Stocking, napkins and hot pads

I'm back with pictures. I had to hurry and run to the store with my daughter and I wanted to get these posted before I left. After I did that, I decided that I didn't like the color. I am still working on my picture taking skills.

Today is picture day. I have 5 more Christmas Stockings to share with you, plus a few of my favorite things at the end......enjoy:

These Stockings have been sooooo much fun to make, am going to have to make more! I already have 3 more cut out....

I have learned that you don't start a project unless you plan on finishing it. I had made stockings for my children when they were young. As they got married I ask the spouse if they were happy with their own Christmas stocking or if they wanted new ones. Then when the little ones came along, I made Christmas stockings for each of them and gave them a dated Christmas ordainment for their first Christmas. As the years past, I felt like I needed to put labels in each one, so I asked for them all back. The in-laws decided they wanted one now, Some had gotten destroyed, some I was not every happy with, so this year I made new ones, dated all of them and have plans on making extra's for the surprises in life.

I have made and remade 12 this last year and made a total of 34 with the remakes. Plus I wanted about 6 in storage. It's great having a larger family, life is more fun, but just be careful of what you start.

I had this vintage napkin holder and thought that it would be a fun way to show off my vintage hankies:
My love for vintage hot pads have gone wild. With the new inspiration from Pinterest, I can see them daily:

I hope you enjoy this post and have a very Merry Christmas!

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