Baby Shower!

Over the Christmas Break, my mother-in-law and aunts threw me a baby shower. It. Was. So. Fun. I didn't really know what to expect because I've never been on the receiving end of one, and in the past baby showers were hardly my favorite place to be. It was incredible to me to see how excited and supportive everyone was and to finally be in the "mom club" where other moms actually want to know what you think regarding baby related things. It was wonderful. Definitely a turning point from the infertile mentality I was in for so long. I felt like I belonged. And I loved it.

And that's not to mention all the wonderfully adorable BOY clothes, burp cloths, and blankets we received. What a fun thing to have it so close to Christmas! It was like present overload! (And pretty surreal to pull TWO of everything out of each box or bag.

Cousin Anne made some cute receiving blankets for me and taught me how to swaddle the boys with her daughter's baby dolls. It was crazy to see two babies there. I had read how to swaddle in "The Happiest Baby on the Block" but never tried it. It's a good thing I tried before the boys are here because Anne walked me through it the first time and it was fine, but when I tried to do it on my own...yeah. :) Practice makes perfect.

Aunt LaNell made the banner out of 8 burp cloths and sewed one letter of each boys name to the front for the clothesline. I can't believe all the effort that went into this!

These boys are already spoiled!

My gorgeous sister-in-law and mother-in-law. They are so much fun. Amberlee made the boys 4 bibs all on her own! Pretty impressive!

Pretty crazy to think that in less than 3 months, those dolls will be replaced with REAL boys! Thank you to everyone who brought yummy food, the beautiful gifts and came out and supported. It was wonderful to get to talk to you and spend some girl time. It got me all excited for these boys to get here!


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