31 Week Update

How far along? 31 weeks 4 days
Maternity clothes? Yep. Any long sleeve shirts that Cam owns have now been claimed as my own. I love them. They're snuggly. And sometimes they smell like him (not his cologne, heaven forbid, just him).
Best moment this week: We had one really good mail day this week where my snaps for the cloth diapers FINALLY got here and two unexpected baby packages came! We got the most  beautiful crocheted blankets from my friend Lacey (who just announced that she's expecting!), and a good blog friend of mine named Kourtney sent the cutest little guy ties and swaddle blankets EVER. It's so fun for me to see the support of others. Made my whole day. ALSO, one of my BEST infertile friends finally beat the odds and called me early in the morning last week to tell me the great news! And now I am on the secret train and can't say anything else, but dang it I sure love success stories. :)
Movement: Yes. And it hurts. Nash does this stretch thing where he rams his head into my cervix and pushes his feet into my bruised ribs. Gray, on the other hand, is a bit of a dancer. Music really makes him go wild. Both of them totally chill out whenever Cam touches them, though. We're at the point now where we can feel random appendages and push them back in. (that sounds a little creepy, lol.)
Food cravings: Fruits and veggies. It's actually quite nice. I just ate the last orange though...shopping trip needs to happen soon I suppose.
Labor Signs: Nothing out of the ordinary. I'm hoping to keep it that way.
Belly Button in or out? Neither. Weirdy.
What I miss: Energy. I am big and tired, ladies. It's like it happened overnight. All of a sudden doing anything at all sounds just terrible. And I'm uncomfortable. (We all knew it was inevitable!) The nice thing is, Cam is a saint. And he takes my freak outs in stride and gets me something to eat and is happy to rub out whatever rib is hurting at the moment.
What I am looking forward to: Jimmer v. Nash tonight. Oh boy. Seriously, could there be a better game? Also, I'm looking forward to blogging about my baby shower. It was supposed to be posted before this update, but I'm over halfway through the week and needed to get the update done. Honestly, the only thing keeping me from posting this update was that I hadn't done my hair all week. Seriously. Make-up was at a minimum too. Next time, I'm just going to give it to you straight. Tuesday, you get what you get. Not gonna lie, it's scarier than you'd think. (or maybe it's as scary as you think...). Cam's hilarious. I said the other night "I can't believe you don't find me completely repulsing at the moment." And he said "Of course not. Granted, you're not as smokin' as you always are..." The man is a genius with words. Made me laugh.
Milestones: There are batches of baby laundry surrounding me right now. Everything is sorted and headed through the wash. I can't believe my house looks like this. I remember a long time ago reading a baby blog where the girl was preparing for her little boy to get there and she had just started doing laundry for him. I remember wanting that so bad. And now it's here. And it's double. And everything smells wonderful. :) I'm sure eventually washing clothes for these boys won't be on my happy list, but today it is.
Realization of the week: I am bigger than I think I am. I run into everything lately. Cupboards, doorways, the bed, the couch, the ottoman. I'm a bit top heavy as well. My legs really haven't got a whole lot bigger, but my belly...ha, which means I am a bit precariously perched and often over shoot it when trying to get off the couch. Teetery is the best word I can think of to describe this. I run into Cameron all the time and the first time it happened, I blamed him. Who are we kidding?

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