QT Quilt Show & Storage

Today is Quilt Show Day here at Grandma's Pearl. This year I will be finishing up my UFO's..... And try not to start any new projects until they are done.... But that didn't last to long because 2 months ago I showed you this fabric: St. Remy de Provence by Robyn Pandolph for RJR and showed the pattern for the Disappering 9-Patch. It's done!

This is the back of that same quilt. I like to use up all of my leftover fabric so I don't have to put them into my way-to-large fabric stash. I do have some of the pink border left, but that OK. I am gathering pink fabrics for ?? I am hoping that this does not break my New Years Resolutions, because I really did start it last year.

This is Creme Fraiche by Fig Tree Patterns. I started it about 2 years ago, had all the pieces done, but just could not get around to do the applique until last summer.

This is a Table runner. I saw it in a magazine about 2 years ago and changed it to included wool applique and making it bigger for my table.

Next are some of my hints for storage. The next three pictures will show you how I store my fabrics and projects and why. I have a closet that hold some of my fabric and new projects. To me these are different that UFO's...Why....Because:
1. They have not been started and could be changed at a minutes notice.
2. I had a quilt shop once, never to do that again, but LOVED IT A LOT! My sweet husband says he will open it again in a second. All I have to do is say YES. I keep telling him all I want is my own store, where I can go and get fabric, start some thing new. This is just what he has given me. My very own STORE.

These are my NEW project's, fabric collections to make any thing I can think of, Kits, you name it.

Here are the quilts that are on my to be quilting list. Between doing for others and myself I try not to have to many hanging here. I have found that if I add my quilts to the line up with the others, then mine get done too. I work from left to right.

And these are my building blocks:
1. 2 1/2 inch strips in fabric collections, era's, light's and dark's.
2. HST (Half Square Triangles), Hex's, Drunker's paths pieces, and any other shapes that I have cut with my Studio and Go cutter.
3. 3 boxes for just my applique supplies.

I know that some of the blogs are really showing their UFO's and how deep that stack can be. I also had a friend who has been asking me to show her how I store my UFO's. I have to said it has not always looked like this, but I have been on an organization kick the last few months. I know I should have taken a picture before I started but I would not want to show you what I had been doing. The best thing I can tell you is find a small space and stack neatly and if you think you have to many then get started!

I hope that this has given you some ideas on how to store your projects. I love these storage boxes you can get at the craft shops. Watch for sells and you can really save some money. It looks like I need to go buy a few more.
Watch for more. In the future I will show you more of my quilting space.

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