35 Week Update

How far along? 35 weeks exactly
Maternity clothes? Yep.
Best moment this week:  My sweet husband is incredible. Sunday, a good friend of mine came over to give Cameron a haircut and decided I needed a trim too. The girl is the best hairstylist I've ever had. I love her dearly. We chatted for a while and her and her boyfriend left. When you get a dry haircut, there are little pieces of hair all over you and the only way to not be totally itchy for the rest of the day is to shower off. So, Cam and I jumped in the shower together. (Bethi's comment was right on!) This time, Cameron asked if he could wash my hair for me. Oh sweet heaven. That is one of life's simplest indulgences, getting your hair washed. And then we put jammies on and skyped my parents to show them the nursery (which is 100% done, by the way!)

Speaking of which, another best moment of the week was finishing my very last sewing project before the boys come. Cam packed up the sewing machine and table and we got our living room back. I can't believe I finished everything I wanted to! I'm pretty proud.

And this was a fun little surprise today:

I sure love that guy.

Movement: Very much so. I love knowing they're OK in there. Last night, after family night, Cameron pulled out a bunch of music and started playing old EFY songs and asked me to sing them. The boys love when girls sing. And I sit there and sob through the entire song. Not sure that qualifies as singing, but I did manage to make it through a few OK.
Food cravings: Broccoli Tacos. YUM. I think it's because it combines my love for corn and mustard in such a wonderfully healthy way. I ate 8 of them for dinner last night. Genius.
Labor Signs: Trying not to give the cramps/surges/contractions any credit. They're not real at this point, just annoying. Some hurt worse than others, but I never have more than 6 an hour. (We get to 5 all the time). I refuse to get all worked up yet. We're 35 weeks along. I will know when labor hits, I'm sure. I don't know of anyone who's been able to just ignore it, so when things get real, I'll know. There is no point in freaking out at every single contraction. If the boys are coming, I will get Cam home and off we will go to the hospital. Until then, I will sit my tail down on the couch and keep drinking water. Knowing that if the boys came now they would be OK really makes ignoring the fake-os easier to do.
Belly Button in or out? Cam gave me a hard time about saying my belly button was half out, so apparently we're still at ground zero, until Nash kicks it.
What I miss: I finished the Book of Mormon in my personal study last Saturday. I never know what to start studying after I finish the entire book, so I've been really slacking lately. My goal was to finish it before the boys came (check!). But now, I'm at a loss. I think I'm just going to buy this study journal and dive in. I miss how my days went when I studied first thing in the morning. Once the boys are here, I'm sure I'll have to really make it a priority, but it's worth the effort in my mind.
What I am looking forward to: Our appointment on Friday! Cam has committed to shaving my legs on Thursday because I can't reach them. And Saturday, I get a pedicure. I'm debating getting an eyebrow/lip wax too. (Budget, schmudget) Also, there is a clementine tree on its way to my house. Thrills me. Next Tuesday, my whole family will be in town. 7 days. Either we'll have some cute new grandkids for my parents to smooch on, or I'll get a nice dose of distraction from these last few days of pregnancy. I'm not sure which one I would like better at this point.
Milestones: 35 weeks! And both boys are over 5 pounds. That was my first goal. Now I need Nash to gain another 5 oz. and we'll be good to go. Cute little boys. :) I can't wait to see them!
Realization of the week: Oh how easy it is to forget. I say this because a friend of mine posted on facebook asking if anyone wanted to switch places with her and be pregnant for a day so she could go skiing. My first reaction (which I posted) was "is switching out of pregnancy for a day an option??" And then I felt terrible. I have SO MANY FRIENDS who would die to be in my shoes right now. I know first hand how hard infertility can be. I know that pain. And now, I know how hard pregnancy is, as well. And it helps me to see both sides a little clearer. Both are HARD. And while there will always be arguments for which is harder, I'm not sure that's a productive discussion to have. Perhaps we should just try to stay outside of ourselves long enough to recognize the pain that others are going through, be it physical or emotional (or both). I deleted my comment on that status because I didn't know what to do, and I couldn't imagine how it would hurt many of my friends if they saw it, but honestly let's try to cut each other some slack. I'm sure almost every single pregnant woman would love one day to be able to move without everything popping and cracking and aching and getting out of breath. (Does this mean that they would ever want to trade their baby for such a luxury? Of course not!) And I know for fact that almost every single infertile woman would love to feel a baby's kicks even just for a single day. I am so grateful for these two little boys. That will never ever change. I would happily go through this pregnancy 10 times if it meant they got to come to our family. Is it all rainbows and butterflies? heavens no! But that's OK. And I think it should be OK to express that every once in a while. To keep that inside is dishonest, in my opinion. It was nice to have a little wake up call, though. A reminder of what a miracle this pregnancy is and how temporary the physical limitations are. I needed it.

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