4 Years & Counting

4 years ago I met Cameron Call at EFY [an LDS church camp for youth 14-18]. We were counselors. And we were bought, sold, and paid for before we'd known each other 5 days. We enjoyed 2 weeks of a whirlwind summer romance that should probably be written into a novel. And that summer romance turned into an everyday love that I still can't get enough of.

Friday, we were driving up to Flagstaff for an open house so all of the Flagstaff peeps could meet the boys. On the way there, Cameron said,

"Do you realize that tomorrow is exactly 4 years since we met?"

I am always blown away by all the little details he remembers. We kept talking about how fun it was to meet at EFY, how the Flagstaff EFY session was probably going on right at that moment. We realized it was Friday, which meant there was a dance. And then we decided we HAD to stop by and just see if they would let us in.

We strapped the boys into their carriers and walked, hand-in-hand, past the dorms we stayed in [and the stairwells we'd make out in after lights out...], past the cafeteria where all sorts of flirting through our participants happened [One of Cam's boys sat across the table from me, asked me my name to be sure he had the right girl, winked at me, stood up and walked away], through the parking lot where we took our very first picture together, and up the stairs where I heard Cameron play the piano for the first time. I tracked down the session director because I knew asking a counselor would just result in a "no."

I introduced myself and said, "I know you don't normally do this because I used to be the counselor that kept everyone out of that dance...but my husband and I met here 4 years ago. We were counselors at this session and we were wondering if we could just dance to one song. We'll keep to the back and try not to attract any attention..."

The session director's wife clapped her hands and was so excited. We got permission to head upstairs to the ballroom for the next slow song. I.was.giddy. We danced to a Rascal Flatts song. And Cameron kept his hand on my shoulder blade like he was supposed to. And then he kissed me quick at the end of the song like he's not supposed to. And the lyrics "...this life becomes all that you want it to..." kept playing over and over in my mind.

I am seriously the luckiest. What on earth did I do to get this handsome man to look at me like that?

Also, my boys were swarmed by the ladies. Camera flashes were everywhere. So much for not attracting attention. They're already lady-killers. Watch out stake dance circuit. You have 14 years to prepare yourself.

And for kicks, here's that picture from 4 years ago. :)

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