New Duds

So, you can attribute the severe lack of posts to the brand new 'do this here blog just got. I have been working ALL. SUMMER. LONG. on this design and I can't believe I finally finished it! Take a look around [especially my brand spankin' new design site!] and tell me what you think!

And to all of my extremely patient design clients, THANK YOU for allowing me to get this up and running. I promise, this blog was never worked on during "business hours." Only during time I set aside specifically for me-time, to keep me from going crazy. :) I have spent the past 3 years making everyone else look good and I thought it was only fair that I spent a few hours sprucing up around my little space on the web. [Which hadn't been touched since 2009!] I also streamlined the design order process. Hopefully this will help corral all answers, clarify rates, and outline expectations for a much smoother custom design experience.

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