{Sweet Little Details} 2012-07-15

  • Trying to wean the swaddle. . . It's not going well. #

  • @dustingtaylor it's too hot to keep it up. Little gray got a heat rash. :( a couple long nights and hopefully it's better #

  • New at http://t.co/sIRfhmDU: Blog Site Design: Pound the Pavement for Parenthood http://t.co/Mw85ZYIL #

  • Got my wedding ring cleaned today. The worker gave me a free bottle of cleaner too because I had twins. :) love when that happens. #

  • Looks brand new again. :) http://t.co/AUlwqmtQ #

  • Put the boys in separate cribs tonight. Gray flipped a full 90 degrees. Looks like he's been waiting for a little extra space. :) #

  • We find out if we get to rent this house we want in texas around 2 or 3 today. . . Praying hard! #

  • New at http://t.co/sIRfhmDU: Cloth Diapering Twins: Part 1 {The Making Of} http://t.co/HXeRsgaE #

  • Lol. Latest roadtrip game, speaking like our gps system. Hilarious. #

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