HUGE Print for Cheap!

It is a GREAT feeling to actually finish something you set out to do. Before the boys were born, I found this pin. My baby shower was an adventure theme and my little sister knitted these adorable aviator caps for the boys. We tried taking pictures of them in them a while ago for our family shoot, but the boys were too young to get a shot like I was envisioning. About a week ago, we tried again. And oh, I am in love. The process was really easy. Start to finish, this only took us about an hour. And the printing went just like the tutorial said it would. $7 at Office Max. I emailed them the file. It was ready in minutes. Something they didn't mention [that I should have known, but didn't] was that the print is on regular paper, not photo paper. It looks perfect, though, so  don't worry! Our print had streaks through it every now and again, but I totally love the imperfections. I feel like it gives it personality. Not that the boys didn't add enough of that on their own... ha.

We measured the print onto the foam board and cut it out. Cutting foam is tricky. It's hard to make it smooth. Try to do as much in one shot as you can. If you have to stop and reposition your knife, you'll almost always get a jagged edge. Once the edges are painted, it's not very noticeable, but I did have to smooth a few places out...and it was annoying.

We used this spray adhesive. It is what I use to extend the life of my silhouette cutting mats. It is repositionable. And one of our corners needs to be re-glued. I would use permanent adhesive if I were going to do this again. But it's only one tiny corner and it's really not a big deal. We had this on hand, so we used it. But if you're going out and buying some, get stronger stuff.

We painted the edges black. I added an inky edge on the front face of the picture as well. I like how it finished and smoothed everything off. It was at this point that Cameron commented how nice and expensive it looked and he couldn't believe it. That, my friends, dubs this project a success all on its own.

We duct taped loops of twine onto the back and Cam hung it on the wall. It is SO light! I am in love. Also because if it falls off the wall, it won't hurt my boys. All the edges are rounded and it couldn't smash them if it wanted to. It's too big. If it did manage to get IN to the crib, it weighs about 2 pounds. I'm not concerned. And I feel like it packs a graphic punch. Plus, how cute are those boys? Makes my heart melt in a major way.

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