A couple years ago, my aunt asked me to design a website for her vacation rental in Idaho. She paid me with a free week at said rental. That summer, we were all ready to go up to "the cabin" and figured out we were smack in the middle of IVF, so we had to postpone it. This summer, with Wayne having cancer and us moving away so suddenly before Kenzee was born, everyone was looking forward to "the 2nd Wayne Call Reunion". And it did not disappoint. What a blast!

We split the drive up into parts that would hopefully make it easier on the boys. The cabin is only about 5 hours from Salt Lake. And it's the prettiest drive I have ever been on. I wish I had been thinking clearly enough to snap a picture of the amazing lake you drive around. It looks like Hogwarts. No lie. Once we arrived, we unpacked our stuff and set out to check out the house. So gorgeous. And the river runs right through the backyard.

Each family was in charge of an activity. For Cam and I, we decided to do a series of relay races in honor of the Olympics. One was a popcorn race. We rigged a couple cups with rubber bands to fit around everyone's shoes. You had to fill the cups, run across the yard and dump whatever was left into the basket at the other end. After everyone had a turn, you see who had the most. Wayne and Adrienne went first. Once Wayne was on his way back, Adrienne grabbed his team's basket and dumped the entire contents into our team's basket. And thus began the first of 4 cheatings that went unnoticed. Those Calls sure are competitive. ;)

The next race was called the "Soggy Jog." We brought two pairs of sweatpants, dunked them in a cooler a piece and everyone had to put them on, run across the yard and back, peel them off, re-dunk them and hand them to the next teammate. Hilarious. And Jared and Adam got into it as well. Although I must give points to Jared for creativity. Logan decided to busy himself by eating the popcorn from the previous race. lol.

The 'tie-breaker' after 3 races was a crossword puzzle with everyone in the family's names all mashed together. I can't remember who won. I'm sure it was my team. :)

One afternoon, we decided to take the boys for their first ride in the bike trailer. Nash was pumped. Gray was less than enthused. Rookie parents decided not to close the flap on the bike trailer because it was so nice outside. Figured out later that the flap is more for blocking debris and dirt from getting all over your babes from the back tire.

The bike ride was really fun though! We went to the bridge because a friend had told us there was a swimming hole underneath it. We tried the life vests on the boys for the first time. They didn't hate it. But the water was ice cold. So they didn't get in.

We packed them up in the trailer again - flap closed this time, and headed home. And then the chain fell off my bike. And so I did this awkward little push - shuffle - coast all the way home, hoping and praying I made it there before the truck full of Calls left to float the river. I barely made it to the driveway as they pulled out. I stopped all nonchalantly to wave them off and then continued my push - shuffle - coast into the garage. And then I busted up laughing. I am still laughing writing this. oh that someone could have videod that. hilarious.

This is the view from the bridge where we would put the tubes in, and then float to the backyard and get out. Figuring out where to get in and out was tricky the first time, to say the least, but after that it was a total hit. 20 minutes start to finish meant I could go 3 whole times during the boys' naps! YEAH. Oh I loved it.

One time, so many people wanted to go that Cam offered to ride on the small tube. LOL. Oh my gosh so funny. Cam was too heavy in all his 6'5'' frame that the tube couldn't hold him up and stayed submerged an inch or two the entire time.

We took family pictures up there as well. Emilee took them with her tri-pod + timer. Pretty impressive. Gray's hair normally stands straight up like a little dandelion fuzz head, but I decided to gel it a bit for the pictures. And then he decided to start flashing smiles like this. Kills me.

[it has been brought to my attention that you all want to know how I did my hair. So here goes. Step one, if you are in the AZ area, get Melissa Nevitt at Country Cuts to cut your hair. If you are in the UT area, go ask Lisa Crane. Both are phenomenal. Step two, I used my straightener to shape it. Mostly straight, but with an overall bend. The ends aren't curled, it's just kind of bent. Step three, rat the heck out of it. I have fully embraced big hair. Stop fighting it. It's worth it. Step four, wear your mother-in-law's lipstick/lip liner. Life changing. For real, it's so good it makes your hair look better.]

Now, all you non-rookie moms can write a how-to in the comments for me. HOW DO YOU TAKE PICTURES WHILE HOLDING A BABY WITHOUT GOING ALL HUNCHBACK? I seriously look all bent up in every single family picture. And super far away from the rest of the family. Blech. But I do like this one. :)

The rest of the week was spent playing games late into the night, watching a little Lion King (and falling asleep). Lots of playtime with daddy and fuzzy warm jammies we can't wear anywhere else.

Amberlee slept really well. Obviously.

Elisha and Baylee were such huge helps with my boys. They were so excited to play with them all the time it made me so happy. Really fun to watch.

All the grandkids together before we drove out. I love this picture so much. I love all these kids. Man, we miss you Becks!

[On a total sidenote, I'm patting myself on the back a little over this trip because I totally cloth diapered all the way up to Idaho, the entire time we were there, and all the way back down to AZ. I did laundry at friends' houses and the cabin had a great laundry room. So major thanks to Danica for doing a load for me and my Aunt Carrie for letting me use her washing machine. And it totally wasn't as hard as I was anticipating. And I'm slowly being converted into a cloth-nut. I LOVE CLOTH DIAPERS. For real. It breaks my heart a little every time we put them in disposables for one reason or another. Cloth is clearly superior in my book.]

Oh, and if you need a place for a totally amazing family reunion, let me know. I can get you 10% off the rental.

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