Moving Day

Our move from Arizona to Texas was pretty carefully orchestrated. Because we were in such a hurry to get down to Arizona earlier in the summer, we left 90% of our stuff in a storage unit in Utah. So, we had a load of stuff in Arizona, a truck full of stuff to load up in Utah and two babes who really didn't want to spend 37 hours in the car, much less a mom who wanted to brave that drive.

So, we decided Cam would drive up to Utah and rent a Penske - load up all our stuff and tow the Honda to Dallas. Meanwhile, Wayne and Jared would drive our Arizona stuff out to Dallas. 4 days later, my mom and me and the boys would take the red-eye flight to complete the move. A little nuts.  Add in two little boys who really were NOT excited to move away from their grandparents, and a mama spending a week on her own for the first time and we had quite the mix.

I still don't know how all of this worked out, but somehow we actually got all packed up and on the road. We sure are going to miss everyone, but can't wait to experience this new adventure!
On an unrelated note, we just found out that Amberlee [total babe in the purple] made the VARSITY SWIM TEAM as a FRESHMAN. Woot woo! We are so dang excited for her. And proud. Boo yah! We got to go to her swim meets over the summer, and I completely fell in love with the sport. She is up to break some school records for sure. Good luck Amber!

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