At the Zoo

We took the boys to the zoo for the first time the first Saturday after Cam started school. On a fluke, I looked up when the next discount day at the zoo was and it just so happened to be that exact day, so we packed up and away we went! It. Was. So. Fun. I love the zoo!

The first exhibit we went to was the reptile house. I tend to avoid the reptile house, but I am trying to embrace being the mother of boys, and I really actually enjoyed it! Nash and I cruised the different windows and checked out all the fun colored snakes and lizards. Cam is a reptile pro and could always find them faster than me. That albino alligator totally creeped me out though!

It makes me so happy to see our boys in their stroller without their car carriers. I know they love being so curious and looking around at everything around them. I love watching them experience the world and reach out to check things out. They're getting much more "grabby".

I also feel like zoos are getting better at planning their exhibits. I have been to a zoo tons of times before, but I really felt like I could see the animals in action so much more this time around! We were SO close to so many animals! This was a kangaroo. There was another kangaroo in the exhibit that had a joey in its pouch. She was taking a nap at the time, so we didn't see her. But I thought that was so cool.


I think flamingos are so dang pretty. These guys were getting fed at the time. Most active I've ever seen flamingos.

This picture makes me so happy. Look at us! We are parents! We have kids!

Penguins are always my favorite. Why is it that they always look like they're at a party? They are adorable. I want one.

This guy was totally showing off for the ladies. My kind of bird. ha.

See what I mean? Total party.

Nash liked the penguins best too. He was being such a ham.

Ah! I love him!

We picked the gorilla exhibit to feed the boys. They had all these comfy couches and wrap around windows that we could look into the exhibit without even getting up. I don't think we ever saw a gorilla, but it was so nice to chill out in the air conditioning and have a comfy and semi-private place to feed the boys and take a break.

After I fed Gray, Cam took him on this rolling chair. He was having such a blast. They would spin around and slide across the floor. Gray was giggling so hard.

I am so glad we took the time to spend some quality time as a family before Cam started school. Moments like this don't just happen. Strong family relationships take effort. And we needed to bank some Dad time. It doesn't get better than this.

I think the African animals are always the highlight.

They had this perch where you could feed lettuce to the Giraffes. We didn't pay to feed them, but some people around us did. Cam actually petted this one! So cool.

Like I said, they're getting better at designing exhibits. This was inside a restaurant. The lions would get right up on the glass and play with you. I had never seen a lion so close before! They were rolling over and jumping up on the glass. It was the coolest thing!

This gorgeous lioness just watched the boys roughhouse. Beautiful lady.

And when we first walked by the Elephants they were all really far away. and then they brought the food out. Everyone loves food. The Elephants got up real close and were eating. I think it is so cool to watch them feed themselves with their trunks. It really is like another hand. It made me really appreciate the beautiful design of God's creations.

Outside the elephant exhibit, we asked this lady to take a picture of our family on the copper elephant statues. Cam straddled this little elephant and we all gathered around him. I think the lady missed the point because that little elephant isn't in any of these pictures! So funny. Thanks for trying Cam. You are a really good sport.

We stopped by the penguin exhibit on our way out and that one penguin invited his friends to the party. Everyone was in the water! diving and splashing around in the waterfall and swimming up against the glass. So fun. I love them so much.

After the zoo, we enjoyed a Sonic slush to cool down and a nice quiet drive home. The boys were exhausted! Oh what a fun Saturday.

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