Blog Design: Alta Marie Photographie

I posted earlier about Alta's new logo. And once that was up, I just couldn't WAIT to finish up her blog design and share it too! It's one of my favorites. I love how feminine and clean the entire site looks. Her work is phenomenal. She has such a great personal style. I absolutely love her black and white work, but oh she has a beautiful eye for color. She currently gets to enjoy the beautiful weather on the island of Grenada [which I had to look up. It's in the Caribbean. Tough deal, eh?] BUT, she comes to Utah every now and again to shoot. I would absolutely look into scheduling a shoot with her. I feel like everything that comes out of her camera could be a magazine cover. Stunning, stunning stunning.

Just when I needed a pick-me-up after Nash and Gray entered our lives, we had a photo shoot with Alta.This one now hangs over our bed. And it makes my heart just swell every time I see it.

Capturing emotions, not just events. That's what she's capable of. I highly, highly recommend miss Alta. Go check her out! [Actually, wait for a bit and THEN go check her out, because she was not very happy with how her blog looked before I got my hands on it...and so she wasn't too keen on posting her shoots. Which I can totally understand. I stopped posting while I re-designed my blog. It happened to me! Happens to a lot of my clients actually :)] Anyhow, I would love to know what you think!

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